Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CityVille: Best of Broadway and Goals with Tips

Part 1 - CityVille: Best of Broadway

What's new for add in your city at Cityville? Well, as also a pet lover, I wish to have a great pet that is so talented. But what do we have here right now to update was the new CityVille Best of Broadway updated. What's hot? Dogs is the leading latest update for Cityville, a new musical for the world of Cityville. The advantage of it is that, you can now make sure that the citizens of your city will have a chance to enjoy the grand performance for bringing a Theater District.

Technically while this feature is the release of "Broadway" in your city, now you need to solely focus on constructing the theater for the performance of the "Dogs" to show up in your town. Don't worry guys, in this post you read the instructions to help to figure things out on how to do it.

Before anything else, in order for you to start this new update, you need to be at least Level 20 to access to place the Bradway Theater in your town. From there, you'll need to complete multiple stages of construction for the "Dogs" performance. The first stage, for instance, asks you to collect the props for the show. This means that you'll need to ask your friends to help you gather these items, as you'll be required to have the following items before moving on:

10 Lit Mirrors
10 Backstage Passes
5 Scripts
5 Musicians Stands

The next step is you need help. How to do it? Well go ask of your nine friends to come work for your building as a cast member for the show. And the last is that we can say the third stage, is to ask you to hit 150 Rehearsal Progress points either by asking your friends to help you out with points or by spending energy to rack them up on your own.

As soon as you've activated your own Broadway Theater in your town, you will knowtist that businesses of guests that living in your town will start to flood the business. Similarly to how guests leave businesses and enter your surrounding Hotels. You'll be able to supply the theater with 300 Goods and will receive 1,800 coins each time you collect your earnings.

But with this update, the Dogs, were the first three theaters that will eventually be released and start of Broadway Theater. Don't worry guys, I will update a new post here in my blog the additional theaters that will be released, so just visit my blog often.

Part 2 - CityVille: Best of Broadway Goals

Now that you know how and get some details about the brand new Bradway Theater in your town in Cityville, what would be the next for this update? Actually, there were three goals. This to achieve or to complete will alongside this new "Dogs" theater to receive thousands of coins and Goods in the process? For me I'm really sure that the you can do it. Here, I will post the guides on how doing it or of course a help form Kygz.

Who Let the Dogs Out?
Complete Theater Step 1 of 3
Collect from 25 London Shipping Routes
Ask for 10 Costumes

Ask your friends so that you can earn them as you Costumers. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive 25,000 coins and 1,000 Goods as your rewards. The most arguably time consuming for Theater was the first step. It will require you to collect dozens of building materials with the use of your friends help. The specific building materials were mentioned in this post in the part 1 for Cityville: Best of Bradway guided you to construct the Broadway Theater.

Let's Dance!
Complete Theater Step 2 of 3
Collect from Prodigy Studios 5 Times
Harvest 50 Golden Carrots

Remember the first in the part 1 of Broadway Theater to ask your friends for the one of your cast members, now in this step the second stage we say in the Theater's construction requires, go and as your friends to come work for your theater's building as an actor. You'll earn 50,000 coins and 100 XP for completing this second goal when you complete this step, but this will take you a longer day to achieve it.

Set the Stage!
Complete Theater Step 3 of 3
Ask friends for 20 Playbills
Collect from Dogs Theater 5 Times

Once you finish constructing your Dogs Theater or the Broadway Theater, you can start supplying it with supply It with Goods and start collecting profits just like any other Business or Hotel that you own. This will be Sounds like a fairly decent total prize of 100,000 coins and 200 XP when you complete this final goal in this Series for Broadway Theater. But you need to do this five times in order for you to finish this off all the Task. And friends waiting for you to send you those Playbills.

I think there are no time limit for this update or goals when you started it to your town in Cityville. But Don't worry guys, I will update soon if they will appear in the future.

That was the end of this post. I hope that you get some good information about the update of Cityville for Broadway Theater.

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