Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SimCity Social Cheat Tips Tricks Hints Codes Hacks

I didn't expect for what I've found while searching SimCity Social. I thought it was just like an ordinary game that what we use to know like from Zynga games. Well, what I just found is that they reached already breakout in search engines especially in Google. Soon I'm sure that SimCity Social will be also in Google Plus to be played after it will hit on Facebook social network for all over the world with 200+ million users.

As soon as the game will be released, I will try to dominate it just like with other games that I have already played and share it all in my blog. I have already created an exclusive blog for SimCity Social Cheats (you can read more about it if you visit the Blog). As the game will be available, I will try to focus for it first. For now, what I am doing is just reading and got her all the information that I can get into search engines and study for all of it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SimCity Social On Facebook

Hello guys, Kygz are here. It’s been so long again that I didn’t update any here in my blog. When I log in into my Facebook account, I see some friends of mine who do play other social game that is now I guess will be a new popular game in Facebook history. Like I said, this is my time again checking out my account and my blog here in Kygz.

This SimCity on Facebook is a new game that I will write about this game and post some reviews, and also with its cheats, hacks, tricks, tips, hints, codes, guides, strategy and more. I’m really sure that at this moment, a lot of users of Facebook were looking for some cheats or hacks for this new game. I know that you wish to dominate this game right? Don’t worry because we will look for that as possible. 

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