Monday, May 21, 2012

AMC The Walking Dead Game Cheats Tricks Codes Hints And Hacks

AMC The Walking Dead Game - was now released and ready to play. As the fan of The Walking Dead, for waiting for so long, I would like to proudly announce that the game of The Walking Dead Social Game in Facebook is now available to play.

There were now users who play the game on Facebook that reaches up to 700 users online including me. The game was now at his close beta presented of RockYou.

Here is a screenshot:

I am just starting to play this game yet. And if I have some good information about the game, I will post it here. But here, I found some blog site to that has a lot of tips about AMC The Walking Dead Game with its tips, tricks, hints, hack, cheats, codes and more at The Walking Dead Social Game Help visit the Blog. They will also post about the latest updates about the game. So what ever you want to do with, just leave some comment about the game of your concerns. But for now, I have nothing to add post more about this yet. So it better to have the game start now. I will start playing, but don't worry, I will share what ever I will discover here. My next update will be its gameplay, so don't forget to visit again guys. Enjoy playing.

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