Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SimCity Social On Facebook

Hello guys, Kygz are here. It’s been so long again that I didn’t update any here in my blog. When I log in into my Facebook account, I see some friends of mine who do play other social game that is now I guess will be a new popular game in Facebook history. Like I said, this is my time again checking out my account and my blog here in Kygz.

This SimCity on Facebook is a new game that I will write about this game and post some reviews, and also with its cheats, hacks, tricks, tips, hints, codes, guides, strategy and more. I’m really sure that at this moment, a lot of users of Facebook were looking for some cheats or hacks for this new game. I know that you wish to dominate this game right? Don’t worry because we will look for that as possible. 

I will write a review and post it here after when I’m done with my new project. But for now, this is my introduction post for SimCity Social on Facebook. I believed that this is just like Cityville and it has more improved and maybe you can use BOT to.

The cheats are maybe yes for Cheat Engine, Charles, Feedler or what other program tools that you use in order to cheat Facebook social games. The hacks in this will surely have unlimited energy, have instant cash or gold but this is just my insights for the new game.

I guess I will stop here, because I don’t have an extra time to check out the SimCity Social for today because I need to do something. But in my next update for this game, I will post what I’ve been reviewing for about games here in Kygz’s  Blog.

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