Monday, March 26, 2012

Global Warfare Cheats Tips Tricks and Hints

Global Warfare is the new game that I tried to play. Well, this game do really I can say of the good strategy game to play. I do enjoy playing this game in just for a while, if I get bored. You can build your campaign like your army for your base. The purpose is that, in this game can you be the best general? Here in post, you will learn something that I tried while surfing in the internet with my own experiences for this game. The post contains Global Warfare Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints, Tips, secrets and more organized by sections for Google Plus. If you can't find a cheat, hint or secret in our list, please be patient because I will update more about this game here, then please check this blog periodically for the latest updates. Global Warfare, sure is one fan to play, even me I get on the game playing this even an hour to explore and learn from it. Like I always said before, I am a person who loved to explore the world.

Here are some Tips and Tricks for Global Warfare Cheats game.

To get easy food

After you start the game and have built up your army, you need a lot of food. Farm other small cities or terrorist camps to get food and sell your farms to get more space for other buildings.

Hiding a secret army

One way to hide troops and resources is to attack a distant plain and reinforce it with the resources until you need to use them. When you recall them they must first return to your base before being redeployed but it's a great way to hide stuff from scouts. Not really a cheat, just strategy.


How do you get strategic resources?

  • Most players leave the sr's undefended because they're really easy to defeat so just send in some troops and 90% of the time you'll win

What are the parameters on the global warfare battle simulation?

  • 1,800 to 800,1

Here are some screen shots that I made while try the Global Warfare:

Thank you for the visit. I hope that you have learn something here in this blog. I will see you again in my next update.


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