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DOTA 2 Cheats Tips Tricks Codes Hints And Hacks

Hello guys, Kygz is here for another game that is well known the DOTA 2. I'm in the first expression and impression trying of DOTA 2 with its cheats, tips, tricks, hack, guide, quests, codes etc. If you have some questions please don't hesitate to leave some comments or you can contact me by simply email me at for more information’s and if you have concerns for the side or post game and will right away fix it, and if you also have some suggestion regarding the game.

DOTA 2 is one of the best games so far. I already say about this in my recent post earlier about his news and updates and about my research of DOTA 2. Well first we want to enjoy the game with our self right, and of course you also need to do some tricks in DOTA 2 to learn if what was the ability will be the hero to become if you have the right build of it with your own, with perfect items.

How to do it?

Well it’s easy, just try it in the game. But in order for you to do it, you need to do some tricks for it. In DOTA 2, you will also have some tricks by almost like cheating it with some DOTA 2 Cheats. But before that you need to activate the cheats first. In order for you to perform this in the game, you need to turn on the cheats in DOTA 2. You don't have to console this in steam switch on, because this happens very quickly and permit before using them in-game.

"First, you'll have to a create lobby and then just in the settings "Enable Cheats" as an option. That's it, you can already start the game!" But what I really laugh about this is that, when you play this and try it in the game, then you will invite your friends to join you playing the game. The problem with them was that if they don't know about this and just play the game. They don't have any knowledge about this, then they will be just a less ideal and you take advantage of it.

Tips in playing DOTA 2

My advice is that if you were also play DOTA 2, you need to learn about this DOTA 2 cheating system. 

Cheats in Dota 2 can be enabled via the Game Server Settings.
Check the Enable Cheats checkbox to enable cheating in the game. 

Dota 2 Game Lobby Setup

When you start playing the game, you can enter the following Dota 2 cheats: Just type tha following Code commands

-gold 999
This command will gives 9999 you instant gold in the game. You can change any amount that you wish but there is a limit.

-lvlup 25
This command will grant your hero to automatically turn into Level 25. You can change the number of level if you wish not to instanly 25. Like for example you just wish to be level 16 to just discover the ultimate of an hero.

This command will do instantly revives your hero from death. So if your hero has fall, you can get and fight again right away (like Drow Ranger said "I'm here as always).

This command will gives your hero full HP and mana, and refreshes all skills and activetable item cooldowns. If you’re playing with your friends, you can just simply hide a bit and type this command for instant regeneration.

This command will spawns all creeps lane waves for both Radiant and Dire.

-lvlbots 25
This command will grant you to Levels all bots to 25 (you can change the number you want but the max is 25). 

This will grant you to spawns Neutral Creeps in no time. So if your just playing around with your friends, you can just stay and farm. But there is already a gold cheats, so what is this fore?

This commad will do disables all creeps from spawning. Use -enablecreepspawn command to disable this command.

This command will removes cooldowns and mana costs for skills. Use -unwtf to disable this command. I mean it, I really us this one in experimenting heroes. I do this to know all of the right us of skills, and discovering some combos of a hero.

I believed that Map hacking is possible for DOTA 2, because programmers will do some of its as soon as they can discover that they can and do some tricks for hacking the DOTA 2 map. We will just watch out for this one.

This cheat works in single and multiplayer mode. But I think there will be a sitting for that. I guess I will update this post again for new. But maybe in my next post about DOTA 2 cheats update. Thank you guys, I hope that you learn something and have a good time reading here in my blog.

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