Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CityVille: Best of Broadway and Goals with Tips

Part 1 - CityVille: Best of Broadway

What's new for add in your city at Cityville? Well, as also a pet lover, I wish to have a great pet that is so talented. But what do we have here right now to update was the new CityVille Best of Broadway updated. What's hot? Dogs is the leading latest update for Cityville, a new musical for the world of Cityville. The advantage of it is that, you can now make sure that the citizens of your city will have a chance to enjoy the grand performance for bringing a Theater District.

Technically while this feature is the release of "Broadway" in your city, now you need to solely focus on constructing the theater for the performance of the "Dogs" to show up in your town. Don't worry guys, in this post you read the instructions to help to figure things out on how to do it.

Before anything else, in order for you to start this new update, you need to be at least Level 20 to access to place the Bradway Theater in your town. From there, you'll need to complete multiple stages of construction for the "Dogs" performance. The first stage, for instance, asks you to collect the props for the show. This means that you'll need to ask your friends to help you gather these items, as you'll be required to have the following items before moving on:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bubble Blitz Cheats Tips Tricks Codes Hints And Hacks

Hello guys, a new game I found while I do visit at the Blog.Games.com that a new game for me and maybe also you. Now, I am here again for my first expression and impression playing the Bubble Blitz Facebook game with its cheats, tips, tricks, hack, guide, quests, codes, bots etc. If you have some questions please don't hesitate to ask, do leave some comments or you can contact me by emailing at kygzplay@gmail.com for more informations and if you have concerns for the side or post game, we will right away fix it, and if you also have some suggestion regarding the game.

Well, lets start knowing the Bubble Blitz game on Facebook.

Your mind would probably imagines the lies of Lost Bubble, Bubble Witch Saga or what so ever when it comes to bubble popping games on Facebook right? All games that have a level-based format and an arguably slow pace. If you'd like your bubble-popping experience to be a more hectic and ultimately exciting one, you can now try out PlayQ's Bubble Blitz on Facebook, a game that combines that standard bubble-popping formula with a 60-second time limit. Just what it will take to be one of the best shooting bubble game on Facebook.

Just like the same as Bejeweled Blitz game on Facebook, the Bubble Blitz was also a mater of the 60-second gameplay formula browser-base game (Speaking of Bejeweled Blitz, I will post about that in my next update here in my blog). You can play Bubble Blitz if you still have Energy for another 60 seconds (I'm sure you wish to have unlimited energy right?). We will discuss about that later for the cheats and hacks. In every level your energy will recharge in full so maybe you better play it right if you wish to continually.

Cityville: Red Carpet Gala Event with Tips

Latest updates about Cityville of this week was the Red Carpet Gala event. If you were already reaching level 9 in the game, this event will be available for you. Appropriately named the Red Carpet Gala will now be revolves around and place a new item in your town Major. This event will again brings with a huge in-game party and the ability to invite your friends to be your guests.

You don't need to collect any building materials or staff to finish off its first stage once you place the Red Carpet Gala. But will be able to upgrade it. However, unlike past buildings, this Red Carpet Gala can be upgraded by asking your friends for RSVPs. You can either purchase RSVPs with City Cash, or can ask your friends to send them to you. Each friend that responds will add a random guest to your guest list from a selection of 12 to start. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

DOTA 2 Cheats Tips Tricks Codes Hints And Hacks

Hello guys, Kygz is here for another game that is well known the DOTA 2. I'm in the first expression and impression trying of DOTA 2 with its cheats, tips, tricks, hack, guide, quests, codes etc. If you have some questions please don't hesitate to leave some comments or you can contact me by simply email me at kygzplay@gmail.com for more information’s and if you have concerns for the side or post game and will right away fix it, and if you also have some suggestion regarding the game.

DOTA 2 is one of the best games so far. I already say about this in my recent post earlier about his news and updates and about my research of DOTA 2. Well first we want to enjoy the game with our self right, and of course you also need to do some tricks in DOTA 2 to learn if what was the ability will be the hero to become if you have the right build of it with your own, with perfect items.

Where To Download DOTA 2 And Beta Keys, Dota Keys, Hotkeys and Updates?

Well, I know that same as you guys, I also wanted to try the new upgraded version of Data the DOTA 2. Dota was one of the most open source tower defense game in the world. I do spend a most of my time playing this game. Having a 10 rounds a day were so exciting to make my day. For sure, the game was so actionable for me because of its gameplay. A lot of champions were so great to play in the game.

My Early Dota Experience

My first time in playing this game was so sick, that's true. I can still remember that day when I was 13 years old. Oh, too bad for me that elder players were so happy that always hunt me down in the game. My first hero was Leshrac, an intelligent type of a hero how has a skill of a lightning and stuns you in seconds and has a passive ability to volcano you up. Still so fresh in my mind, I can still feel the worst gameplay ever of my life in Dota. The next were Sniper, well when I use that hero, I do have some improvements in playing Dota. I know how to play it basically with a little careful for my lane. And continuously became one of the great players here in our place in Dota. I studied each hero of the game. I learn each champions strengths and weakness.

Monday, May 21, 2012

AMC The Walking Dead Game Cheats Tricks Codes Hints And Hacks

AMC The Walking Dead Game - was now released and ready to play. As the fan of The Walking Dead, for waiting for so long, I would like to proudly announce that the game of The Walking Dead Social Game in Facebook is now available to play.

There were now users who play the game on Facebook that reaches up to 700 users online including me. The game was now at his close beta presented of RockYou.

Here is a screenshot:

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