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Bubble Blitz Cheats Tips Tricks Codes Hints And Hacks

Hello guys, a new game I found while I do visit at the that a new game for me and maybe also you. Now, I am here again for my first expression and impression playing the Bubble Blitz Facebook game with its cheats, tips, tricks, hack, guide, quests, codes, bots etc. If you have some questions please don't hesitate to ask, do leave some comments or you can contact me by emailing at for more informations and if you have concerns for the side or post game, we will right away fix it, and if you also have some suggestion regarding the game.

Well, lets start knowing the Bubble Blitz game on Facebook.

Your mind would probably imagines the lies of Lost Bubble, Bubble Witch Saga or what so ever when it comes to bubble popping games on Facebook right? All games that have a level-based format and an arguably slow pace. If you'd like your bubble-popping experience to be a more hectic and ultimately exciting one, you can now try out PlayQ's Bubble Blitz on Facebook, a game that combines that standard bubble-popping formula with a 60-second time limit. Just what it will take to be one of the best shooting bubble game on Facebook.

Just like the same as Bejeweled Blitz game on Facebook, the Bubble Blitz was also a mater of the 60-second gameplay formula browser-base game (Speaking of Bejeweled Blitz, I will post about that in my next update here in my blog). You can play Bubble Blitz if you still have Energy for another 60 seconds (I'm sure you wish to have unlimited energy right?). We will discuss about that later for the cheats and hacks. In every level your energy will recharge in full so maybe you better play it right if you wish to continually.

Now, lets look and check out the Bubble Blitz game on Facebook.

Here are some screen shots that I did earlier while playing.

The following will show you the game screen for Bubble Blitz guides.

Obviously this was taken while the game were loading. At the first its looks really cute. And I like the turtles facial expression.

After it will finish load up, you will be taken in this window screen. What do we have here is the Menu bar: Play, Invite, Add Gems & Coins, Earn Gems, Help and Option.

Now lets start with the Play menu.

Here in the play menu, of course we can start playing the Bubble Blitz game. In each color is needed to be same hit the bubble colors at the top. You can see at the upper left the time for 60 seconds, so that you will know if your 60 seconds is done.

After your 60 seconds of playing with hitting bubbles, you will go to this window screen. In this one, you can see your game results, if how many bubbles you've manage to blow up. and your total score and also the gain experience (XP). You can click the "Play Again!" to start another 60 seconds of playing Bubble Blitz if you still have some energy. 

Tips And Tricks
While playing go and observe some possible way of easy playing the game. You can bounce off your sight in the wall and shoot it in the covered bubble at the top of the screen. From that technique, you will game a lot of scores, but make sure that it will land in the same color.

The next menu was the Invite, so what can we do here is that you can invite your friends, and you will have a reward or what so maybe for Bubble Blitz.

Now, lets talk about the Add Gems & Coins menu.

 In Gems tab, you will see the following gems that you can buy for Facebook credits or with your own credits.

 In Coins tab, you will see the following coins that you can buy for Facebook credits or with your own credits.

Next menu was Earn Gems.

In order for your to earn free game gems, go finish some offers.

Earn Gems is where you can have a free gems if you can find a right offer for your country. What you need to here is just to complete the requirements and its actions to earn some free gems for the game.

Next was the Help menu.

In the Help menu, you can report a problem and bugs in your game. We can't sure about the program of the game, most games were really have some technical problems, so this menu were here for technical supports. And if you send some of your problems, you also help other. Because if your going to report it, you they will fix it, and you and other users or players in Facebook will going to have a best game experience for Babble Blitz.

And the last menu was the Options.

Nothing to much about this menu. What you can do here is that to active or to mute the Music and Sound Effects of the game. Just check or unchecked the checkbox.

Now lets go check out the Shop.

 Energy tab is where you can buy some extra energy. You can buy it spending some of your Gems.
Boosters tab is where you can buy some extra boost for your game. You can buy it spending some of your Gems. This can be activated and each bossters is consumable for 4 hours. You can buy here an Unlimited Energy, Double XP, Double Coins, Triple Coins and Extra Power-up Slot.

Cheats and Hacks
So far I don't know some of its Cheats and Hacks. But if you do, if its okay with you, you can email me your cheat or hack and lets share it here. But I'm sure that you can use Cheats Engine, Charles, Feddler or what so ever engine tools.

No right Codes for Bubble Blitz yet.

After a playing and have this post done, it cracks my next out and a do some eye fall into sleep. I mean what a day. I really do have some great day. Well I hope that you do have something about Bubble Blitz Cheats Tips Tricks Codes Hints And Hacks. Thank you.

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